We've partnered up with Kasey Evans to create an 8 week transformation challenge based off Tammy's 'TammyFit' app, to help you smash your 2019 fitness goals!

Kasey Evans, manager at Atlantis Recovery Centre (on the Gold Coast, Australia) is using her own personal journey to help people battle depression and anxiety through fitness. Her mantra, 'Strength comes from within' has a personal meaning to her family.

Having suffered from depression and suicidal tendencies from around 13 years old, Kasey started attending her Dad's training sessions and realised the benefit training was having on her mental health by engaging in positive communication and helping Kasey to achieve her goals. Realising the positive impact, Kasey decided complete a Cert III and IV in Personal Training so she could help others with their journey. 

Based off Tammy Hembrow’s ‘TammyFit’ app, the 8 week challenge will give you all the knowledge and skills you need about nutrition, fitness and wellbeing - while working out in a gym with a super positive environment and state of the art equipment.

What is it?

The challenge is for girls who may not feel comfortable in a gym due to either inexperience or they may not enjoy the over crowdedness of a usual gym setting. The purpose of this 8 week training program is to educate girls by teaching the basics of setting up equipment, spotting each other, technique and building up general confidence in the gym to help them start a fitness journey they can continue upon completion of the 8 week program.

What does it include?

3x group gym sessions per week, for 8 weeks
(Valued at $15 per session, $360 total)
1 year subscription to the Tammyfit app (Valued at $100)
SASKI COLLECTION leggings and bra (Valued at $150)
1x Meal and Snack from YOUFOODZ (Valuded at $15) 
2x Inbody Analysis Scans (Value of $120)
Advanced Nutrition One Course at HPC (Valued at $500)
Optional Yoga class on a Tuesday night at 6pm
(Valued at $15 a session, $120 total)


How many positions are available?

There are 20 spaces available.


How to register?


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