Earlier this year the Saski team grew when we hired our office assistant - Hannah Todd. So today we asked Hannah some questions about how she's been enjoying her new role and working alongside our office crew!


Hannah - you've been at Saski Collection for a while now. What's it been like working alongside Tammy, Amy & Bella in the office?

It's been so much fun! I feel like I've learnt so much from everyone and I have a better understanding of how much work really goes on behind the scenes of a business. They all work sooo hard and it's an inspiring environment to be in!


What's a day in the life of the Saski Office Executive look like?

Honestly- there isn't a 'typical' day- every day is different and thats what I love the most about this roll! I could be doing emails/ making appointments/ setting up meetings/ buying nappies/ helping organise events and shoots/ customer service- the list never ends- its great!


Whats been your favourite part of working at Saski Collection?

My favourite part so far HAS to be going to New York - COME ON- who gets to go to New York on a private jet and do fashion week??? ME!!! (also getting to meet so many amazing people!!) it was a once in a life time trip that I'll remember forever!


Whats one of the weirdest/funniest things you've had to help with?

Haha- there have been so many random things I've done but my favourite was when we were on set shooting the Track Collection and Tammy was on a bike looking all cute and Bella and I were actually at both ends of the bike holding it up crying with laughter (it was so heavy and we are so weak)


What advice would you have for people wanting to get a job in a similar role to yours?

 Be really open and ready for anything- you definitely have to be super adaptable because your job pretty much includes every aspect of the company (but this is also a huge advantage because you get to learn and be a part of so much more). It's really important to put yourself out there because opportunities like this are very rare, network as much as you can and squeeze yourself in there- I pestered Bella 5 days a week for this job because I knew it was something I wanted. It's not necessarily about what you know, its about who you know!


What's coming up for you and your role with Saski?

Loads! The great thing about my roll is that there is always so much going on and there is always something to do. With Christmas around the corner I will be working with Bella on some shoots for future collections - we can't wait to show you whats coming!
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