R U OK day is a day to inspire and empower people to meaningfully connect with those around them with lend support when they are struggling in life. In a time where connection has never been more important in Australia we know its not easy to keep the conversation going, we here to provide you with the steps on how to ask as per the R U OK day foundation
Learn how and when to ask "Are you ok?"

Who to ask

- relationship troubles
- major changes
- grief and loss
- financial difficulty

How to ask

- car trips
- exercising together
- sharing a meal
- while connecting online
- lunch/study breaks 

How to respond

- What could I do to help?
- We could do a service call together, I am more than happy to join
- Lets go do this again, you used to love doing that 
- Why not visit your doctor, I can come 
- Thank you for trusting me with this 
- I know its not easy to open up like this

Check In 

- How have you been, I know it must be hard
- Are you feeling better about things
- Lets find a quiet place that makes you feel safe where we can figure this out 
- Your feelings are still valid 

This year, we are asking, 'are you REALLY ok?'. Remember, you don't need to be an expert to ask the question just a good friend and a good listener. Check in on your strong friends too - a conversation can save a life. 
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